Block Grant Scheme

Attend multiple RCPE symposia for a one-off study leave payment of £100

The RCPE has agreement with the Scotland Deanery, for all trainee regions (North, East, South-East, and West), whereby attendance by a SpR or ST3+ in a medical specialty and public health, or an ST1/ST2 doctor undertaking CMT or ACCS at any eligible event in the College’s main symposium programme triggers a one-off payment of £100 from the study leave budget.

That trainee can then attend as many other eligible symposia as they wish during that academic session (September to August) without any further charge. The block grant scheme does not apply to any courses or conferences unless specified.

Applying for your Block Grant I.D. using Turas

When applying for study leave for eligible RCPE symposia, you should NOT request funding on Turas. Requests for funding will be reviewed as "approved without funding" as approvals with funding automatically generate claim forms to be sent to you, which isn't appropriate in this case.