Please find the event programme, abstract and poster downloads below.

PDF icon EDA SDA RCPE Delirium Teaching Day (04.09.19) - Delegate Pack.pdf401.26 KB
PDF icon EDA SDA RCPE Delirium Teaching Day (04.09.19) - Abstracts.pdf99.39 KB
PDF icon EDA RCPE Joint Conference on Delirium (05-06.09.19) - Delegate Pack.pdf501.05 KB
PDF icon EDA RCPE Joint Conference on Delirium (05-06.09.19) - Abstracts.pdf534.22 KB
PDF icon Poster 3 - Preliminary Validation of the 4AT in a Specialist Palliative Care Inpatient Unit.pdf337.82 KB
PDF icon Poster 4 - Cognitive assessment - can the hospital palliative care team perform this routinely.pdf225.81 KB
PDF icon Poster 5 - Implementation of the palliative care version of the Richmond Agitation-Sedation Scale.pdf821.07 KB
PDF icon Poster 6 - Validated Delirium Screening Tools in Palliative Care.pdf738.63 KB
PDF icon Poster 7 - The occurence and timing of delirium in acute care hospitalizations in the last year of life.pdf407.47 KB
PDF icon Poster 8 - Development of delirium is associated with consumption of antipsychotic and anti-dementia drugs.pdf334.21 KB
PDF icon Poster 9 - Impact of Delirium Education on a Post-Surgical Unit.pdf243.43 KB
PDF icon Poster 10 - Evaluation of circulating miRNA in serum samples of delirium patients in acute geriatric medical setting.pdf301.81 KB
PDF icon Poster 11 - Evaluation of delirium prevalence in acute geriatric admissions across the years.pdf330.12 KB
PDF icon Poster 13 - Delirium recognition at the end of life.pdf332.42 KB
PDF icon Poster 18 - Delirium Team Briefing.pdf326.4 KB
PDF icon Poster 19 - Delirium Severity Tool for Critical Care (CC).pdf204.97 KB
PDF icon Poster 21 - Detecting Neurocognitive Impairment.pdf335.03 KB
PDF icon Poster 22 - Delirium in hospital elders.pdf489.9 KB
PDF icon Poster 24 - An audit of the 4AT & TIME bundle as part of the Delirium Ambassador Programme at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.pdf252.96 KB
PDF icon Poster 26 - Recognition, diagnosis and management of delirium in a palliatve care setting.pdf280.24 KB
PDF icon Poster 27 - The role of preoperative serum inflammatory markers as biomarkers of postoperative delirium in cardiac surgery.pdf336.4 KB
PDF icon Poster 28 - Improving Delirium Recognition in Ward 2 East.pdf299.95 KB
PDF icon Poster 32 - Delirium Assessment in Danish ICUs - a survey of Critical Care Nurses.pdf259.35 KB
PDF icon Poster 34 - Delirium in patients undergoing hip surgery.pdf265.07 KB
PDF icon Poster 35 - Fatty acid-binding protein 3 in cerebrospinal fluid of hip fracture patients with delirum and of cognitively healthy controls.pdf266.83 KB
PDF icon Poster 36 - Changing the Culture of Dementia Care in Hospitals.pdf712.72 KB
PDF icon Poster 37 - Evaluating delirium management in critical care at West Middlesex Hospital.pdf301.71 KB
PDF icon Poster 40 - Polypharmacy as a risk factor for delirium.pdf253.63 KB
PDF icon Poster 41 - Patients' experiences with delirium assessments.pdf182.41 KB
PDF icon Poster 42 - Using audio-visual vignettes to explore how nurses make the decision to restration a delirius patient on the critical care unit.pdf333.69 KB
PDF icon Poster 43 - Mind the Gap - Assessing the gap between delirium management guidenlines and current clinical practice.pdf306.93 KB
PDF icon Poster 46 - Interventions for preventing delirium in older people in institutional long-term care.pdf316.97 KB
PDF icon Poster 47 - A Survey of Delirium Screening Practice in Specialist Palliative Care Units in the UK.pdf265.11 KB